Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Brr, Happy New Year, knitting and boring you to tears

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Brr, Happy New Year, knitting and boring you to tears
Current mood: cold

Whew, here I am! I am actually blogging today! (Aren't all the new internet verbs fun? "google", "IM", "blog". . .) It's a good day to sit inside and blog- the high temperature today is little more than freezing, and it's WINDY. Around here, this is polar bear weather. Unbearable weather. COOOOLD weather. And without any snow to make it fun, I'll just as soon stay inside, thank-you-very-much.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a nice celebration and are looking forward to a joyful, prosperous 2008. Billy and the boys played at the park, burned sparklers after dark, watched ET and stayed up too late. I was nursing at midnight, and Billy was changing a diaper. Cheers! LOL. We all had a toast and went to bed.

One of my Christmas gifts this year was 6 skeins of lusciously soft, colorful yarn. I thought of many different things I could make, but nothing seemed right- I wanted to do a bigger project like a sweater for the boys, but the colorway is really a bit girly for them. I've never knit a project larger than that- when I made a sweater for Littleman, it seemed like it would never end. (I did finish it though, and it turned out pretty nice). After much pondering and flipping through pattern books, I've decided to be brave: I am attempting a full, adult-size sweater for myself! I only hope I actually finish it before next winter rolls around. :) In the meantime, it sure feels nice to knit, especially with this luscious soft wool blend. Mmmm.

Yesterday we started the new year with biscuits, apple cake and hot chocolate for breakfast (a special treat for the boys!) and then we went out to visit some good friends and share the traditional New Year's Day meal of black-eye peas (for luck/protection) and collard greens (for money). Since I didn't have time to purchase and cook them myself, we swung by Whole Foods and bought our dinner off the hot bar. Yummmy! With a few other things I bought, and some goodies from our hosts, it was a delicious spread. Littleman and Sweetcheeks had a wild fun time playing with our friends' boys, who are all very close in age. It felt great to hang out with adults! Though I must admit, I do have a tendency to run my mouth on and on in these situations. . . I've always been rather talkative, but I think I'm worse since having kids. I read a blog post (at ) in which the author (a mom to six kids!) was on a trip to NY without her family, and called her husband to see how he was faring with the kids. Her husband yammered on and on about some minor detail at home, finally thinking to ask how her trip was going. She wondered if she did that to others when she'd been cooped up at home caring for the kids, and realized the answer is a resounding YES. Well, I can certainly relate. I'll have to remember in the future that unfortunately, most details of my day-to-day existence are not very interesting. Better to leave them unsaid in adult conversation! Listening makes for better conversation anyway. Oh, well. So in hindsight, if y'all read this, sorry for yammering on about myself most of the evening! LOL. Y'all are so sweet! We had a great time.

Right now, the boys are napping (babyman too, on my chest). We have a birthday party to attend this evening, which officially begins in 1/2 hour. I need to start getting ready, so that we have a prayer of leaving quickly once the boys awake. We'll see how that goes!

Thumbs-up today to the web site, a one-stop shop for free knitting patterns! Look up whatever you're interested in and find a variety of free patterns. There's a crochet pattern site, too!

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