Sunday, April 13, 2008

LOTR and mashed potatoes

Mmmm. Mmm, mmm. Did you know that red wine (a malbec) goes nicely with rich chocolate brownies?
Hey, Billy was home for dinner tonight! I figured I could splurge.

* * *

Tonight, Billy finally finished the last Lord of the Rings movie with the boys. It took weeks of course- all three movies together make a long haul! They watched them bit by bit. Littleman has been enjoying them, and it's been fun to see his imagination fired up by the story. The other day he was using his blocks to build Helm's Deep, and he and Sweetcheeks have been using coat hangers as bows to shoot imaginary arrows like Legolas. Today they used Mega blocks to make "sentinels" which they posted on either side of the front door.

As the credits began to roll on the final movie tonight, Littleman enthusiastically asked if they could watch it all again! LOL. My little fans. I must admit, that as much of a fan as I am, it's sure cool to see my boys appreciate it too.

* * *

On a different note, I really can't stand fake mashed potatoes. Billy's parents, bless them, never make mashed potatoes from scratch. They use the flakes from a box, and a more disgusting concoction I cannot imagine. I mean, really! How hard is it to boil some potatoes? The difference is so phenomenal, I just don't understand using the fake stuff. So, if you have a hankering for some delicious mashed spuds, do me a favor: make yourself some of the real stuff:

Basic Mashed Potatoes

- potatoes (I'm not picky about what kind)
- salt, pepper and garlic
- butter
- milk

Put a nice big pot of water on to boil. Wash and trim the spuds, and/or peel them if you want. (I like the peels left on, but I'm usually in the minority). Cut them into chunks.

Tip the potatoes into the boiling water, and cook them until they are soft through. Drain them, and dump them into a nice big mixing bowl.

Drop in some butter, salt, pepper and garlic. (If you're looking for simple, just use the powdered garlic. Works fine. Incidentally if you have it, some grated fresh parmesagn is a wonderful addition here). Mash those suckers up. (You can use a potato masher, or be lazy like me and whip them up in your mixer). Add a bit of milk here and there until the consistency is how you like it.

Taste. Adjust seasoning. Give them a final mix, and serve! Yum. Yum, yum. I tell you, there is just no comparison to that abomination in the box. Save that stuff for your next papier mache project, instead.

* * *

Now, thumbs-up to this cool photo I stumbled upon whilst browsing:

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