Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I did it!

So, I did it! I cut my hair! (Or rather, the hairstylist did). For those of you that don't know, this was a big step for me. I had never cut my hair. I had the split ends trimmed off, but that was all. For as long as I can remember, my hair has been very long. Usually down to my butt. I liked it that way. However, as I noted in a recent post, I was ready for something different.

Here you can get an idea of how long it was:

(photo by Kenny of The Frog Hollow Company)

And here you can see what I generally looked like all the time, because my hair was always pulled back in a ponytail to keep it out of my way:

(photo by Billy)

And here (drumroll please) is the new look!
(My friend took this with her phone- I don't have better pics yet):

(photo by Shelley)

So, what do you think? (Fishing, fishing. . . compliments? LOL!)

I am very pleased. People ask me if I feel a lot lighter, and oddly I don't. I don't particularly notice a difference in the weight of my hair. I DO notice the movement. My hair seems alive now, swishing and bouncing and moving around. I'm really not used to that. I rather like it- something about it makes me feel flirty, or more electric. I guess that will fade as I get used to it, but for now it's really cool. :) I like how I don't have to pull my hair back to do things- even if it falls in my face a little, it's at least not falling into whatever I am doing (like, changing a diaper for instance!) It was a good change.

I am also pleased because I was able to donate a significant ponytail to Locks of Love! Locks of Love is a charity that makes quality hairpieces for low-income kids who have medical hair loss. They take donations of (clean, dry, unbleached) ponytails that are at least 10" long. Mine was 19"! I hope it helps someone in need feel as pretty as my new hairstyle makes me feel. :)

* * *

I've been slacking with the thumbs-ups a bit, haven't I? Well today's is obviously Locks of Love. But it could also definitely go to Patti, the uber-talented hairstylist! But I don't actually know her last name, so I'm afraid this isn't a very effective shout-out. I'll do better next time.

And for another, here's a sweet little movie of sorts. Enjoy!

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S said...

Look at you, hot Mama! Wow! You look amazing! Seriously!