Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stuff I Like: Children's Books- the beautiful, set 1

It's been a long time since I did any product recommendations here. Which is funny, because I LOVE finding the perfect whatever-it-is-I'm-looking-for when I need to shop for whatever it is I'm looking for.

I have a particular love for children's books. Sometimes, I prefer reading children's literature, whether or not I have any children I am reading it to. And, OH!!! Picture books. I am such a sucker for a beautifully done picture book. Since I've already mentioned some of our favorite board books, I thought it was high time I spotlighted some of our favorite picture books (thus far, anyway). Today, I want to focus on a handful of the beautiful.

Giving Thanks by Jonathan London, illustrated by Gregory Manchess
This book is stunning. It's my favorite picture book right now. A boy goes on a hike with his father, and relates how his father gives thanks to the wonders and beauty of nature along the way.
(from the text:) "To me, it's a little embarrassing to say thanks to trees and things. But Dad says it becomes a habit; it makes you feel good."

The prose is inspiring, and the paintings are gorgeous. I am awestruck by the mastery of the brushstrokes, the perfect color, the familiar and beautiful landscapes. I love this book.

* * *

Ignis by Gina Wilson, illustrated by P.J. Lynch
Another gorgeously illustrated book. The story is longer, fitting (in my opinion) beautifully into classic fairy tale traditions. The images are beautiful, evocative and alive. Ignis is a young dragon who cannot yet make fire. He goes on a quest to find his fire, meeting new friends along the way.

I especially love his time with Cara, a little girl. It's my favorite part of the story.

A magical book about friendship, perseverance and triumph.

* * *

Grandfather Twilight
by Barbara Berger
Perhaps you can tell by my creased and dog-eared photo above, but our softcover copy of this book has seen much love. It actually belonged to myself and my siblings, and now it belongs to my children. It was always one of my favorites, for the simple sweet text and the quiet, lovely images.

Grandfather Twilight is shown as he goes on his nightly walk, bringing peaceful twilight colors to the forest and shore on his way to deliver the moon.

* * *

adapted and illustrated by K.Y. Craft
Let me preface this by pointing out that if the traditional fairy tale of Cinderella bothers you, then this is not your book. Cinderella is the meek, modest girl who is "rescued" by the prince, and they get married and live happily ever after. That hasn't changed here. However. This lushly illustrated book is an absolute joy to behold.

The images are like a treasure box of gold and shimmering jewels. And Cinderella does at least model a kind, forgiving nature that triumphs over spitefulness. Plus, did I mention the book is beautiful?

* * *

That's enough for today. More another time. Enjoy!


Kyddryn said...

I need to get you a copy of Hep Cat - by the same Author as We Give Thanks. :-) I'll try to remember to bring it to share, whenever we're all plague free and ready to hang out again!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Kit said...

You mean "Hip Cat" by Jonathan London ("Hep Cat" is the other one, that we have.) Yes, we'd love that! I'd like to read it.