Sunday, December 17, 2006

Footnote to a frustrating afternoon

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Footnote to a frustrating afternoon
Current mood: productive

I recently purchased Foil Accent (Snowflake design) stationary and address labels.
The address labels are UPC code 67919. While I had no problems at all with the stationary
(it's easy to format myself), formatting these labels has been an epic battle.
It's extremely frustrating.

First of all I am on a Macintosh computer, and more significantly I do not have
Microsoft Word. The "web" formatting option was not available for this
product. I am pretty irritated that without one particular software product, well
then in this case the consumer is completely up the creek.

I did manage eventually to find an application that could open the Word document,
and though the formatting was all screwy I (through cussed stubbornness) eventually
managed to print two pages of labels. (The third page of labels was a casualty in
this engagement). I could have hand-written all the envelopes three times over by

I just wanted to write and let you kow that in this case, your "DIY Printables
Made Easy" were anything but. I'll be sticking with Avery labels in the
future- their formats are pre-installed in my word processing program.

Too bad that, after all that work, some of my envelopes will still be handwritten.
(Since one page of labels was ruined). I did at least like the stationary- I'd
buy stationary from your company again.

Thanks for your time,