Friday, January 30, 2009

Skywatch Friday

From Snow! January 2009

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Din in the Bathroom, Snow Trip and LAUNDRY

I am sitting on my bed, working on blog stuff. Electra Luna (crazy cat) is snoozing beside me. Theme music from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (the only music Littleman wants to listen to, lately) is wafting up from downstairs. I am listening to Littleman and Sweetcheeks banter, giggle and snort with laughter behind the closed bathroom door. What are they DOING in there? Whatever it is, it involves fart sounds, thumps, laughter, incomprehensible jokes, other random sound effects, more laughter, animal impersonations and I don't know what else. Babyman is in the hallway by the closed bathroom door- by the sound of it, he's sliding toys or books under the door for his brothers to slide back out. (That amuses him to no end.) Hmm. I hear water running. They are supposed to be brushing their teeth and washing their hands. I'd like them to hurry up and finish, and not make a mess. However, it's nice to hear them having such a good time together. I just hope there's not a lake in there to mop up, or toothpaste fingerpaintings on the mirror. Or worse.

* * *

You probably spotted my recent snow photo blog. (And I will be posting the second series soon.) No, it didn't snow here at home (except maybe a few flurries). However we knew Highlands, NC had a couple inches, and cold weather long enough to keep the snow on the ground a couple days. So we dropped everything to take the kids to the mountains. It worked out perfectly- Mitchell's Lodge and Cottages (our favorite place to stay in Highlands, especially with the kids) was running a special rate, and we were able to combine our snow play with a break to watch the inauguration by the fireside. (We couldn't have watched at home, since we have no TV channels here.) The kids had a blast- though the snow was too powdery for snowballs or snowmen, it was just fine for sledding. I was glad we went- it was a much-needed break for all of us.

* * *

Side note: there was no lake to mop up, but there was toothpaste fingerpainting. Sigh. After probably 40 minutes in there at least, neither boy had brushed his teeth or washed his hands. I had to send them back to accomplish the original objective. They had fun, though.

* * *

In honor of the laundry I am doing today, and was doing yesterday, and will be doing tomorrow. . . today's thumbs-up goes to this very useful page: a Guide to Home Laundering Symbols. Print that sucker out and post it in the laundry room- finally, a translation of laundry hieroglyphics!

Wordless Wednesday

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thank you!! (Dardos Award)

Wow. . . My blog has received an award!

They are not unusual in the blogosphere, but it's my first, so I'm. . . well. . . tickled pink! :) The ever-lovely Kyddryn of Shade and Sweetwater has bestowed this blessing upon me, for which I am quite grateful. It's a Dardos Award.

From Kitmama's Pensieve

"The Dardos Award is in appreciation of the merits - cultural, literary and individual- of every blogger who expresses him/herself on his/her blog.

The conditions are to:
Be tickled pink,
Copy and paste the award picture to your blog,
Write down the regulations,
Link the blog who bestowed you the award,and finally
Nominate 15 blogs for the award."

(Aside: "dardos" means "darts" in Spanish. Is it that the nominating process is like throwing darts at blogopolis?? Hmm.)

Anyway, thank you, Kyddryn!

Now for the nominating. . . I'm afraid I will have to gift fewer than 15 blogs, as I simply don't read enough blogs to choose that many winners, and some of the blogs I do read would be unlikely to "play" the award game. So, consider these 5 blogs to be the cream of the cream of the crop! :)

1) I begin with Bird of The Birds in the Meadow. Beautiful photography, inspired musings and a great shop, to boot!

2) Next, I award Robin of Naked in Eden. Simply because she is a true ray of sunshine in my digital universe.

3) I honor Black Hockey Jesus of The Wind in Your Vagina. For some of the best writing I've found in blogopolis.

4) And Laurie over at Foolery. Because she's FUNNY, and I enjoy her perspective.

5) And finally, to Kyddryn at Mainstream Green. Helpful musings and information on "Going Green". Right back atcha, darlin'!

I hereby give permission to my nominees to nominate as many or as few blogs as they please. ;) Thanks again, and thank you to all my honored blogs- you enrich my life! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Milkweed Project

I am busy busy, but want to pop in to pass on some information on a cool collaborative project which knitters and crocheters can participate in:

The Milkweed Project

A college Art professor is organizing a huge installation art piece- she wishes to recreate the sensation of being inside a milkweed pod. From the site:

* * *
Why a milkweed pod?

This project explores connection: between humans all over the world, between humans and nature and between small things and large. By taking thousands of tiny stitches and making something huge, we are doing something that can't be done by one person alone, thus emphasizing our connection to each other.

The project also explores our interdependence with nature. Milkweed pods are a small but important part of the ecosystem. They spread because of the light nature of their seeds, which are carried by the wind. By using the internet as the wind, and each participant as a new plant, this project attempts to mimic that process.

And, milkweed pods are simply beautiful, as is white on white and fiber craft. I think the potential for a beautiful installation is great.
* * *

To participate, you simply knit or crochet a piece from white or off-white yarn. Any size is welcome, though she says long and skinny is better than short and fat. See the linked page for more information.

She hopes to have pieces by this Spring, so she can assemble the installation and hopefully get grants to allow the finished piece to travel.

I think this is so cool! Any skill level can easily participate. I will be starting my white knitting very soon!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Skywatch Friday

From assorted

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Overheard Conversation

The boys are in their bunk beds, and Sweetcheeks is flipping through a book. I am putting away some laundry before I kiss them goodnight. I overhear this deadpan exchange:

Littleman: What are you reading, Sweetcheeks? Are you reading Cryptonomicon?

Mr. Sweetcheeks: No, I am reading Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets.

Am I the only one who finds that very funny? :)

* * *

Also, thumbs-up this evening goes to SUMO Paint: a really cool free online image editing paint application. Try it!

Monday, January 12, 2009

City of Starlight

Out in nowheresville, on my family’s farm in Alabama, we walked out together to admire the night sky. Living in a large metropolitan area as we do, it’s easy to forget about the stars. But that night, huddled together in the grass, our breath frosting in the freezing air, I tipped my head back and gasped. Stretching out overhead was an overwhelming number of stars, improbably bright against the deep, inky black of infinite space. They exploded overhead in glittering profusion, winking and shining like living sparks of spirit-fire in the cold winter night. I cannot remember the last time I saw so many stars, or when they shone so brightly. I only wished the temperature outside was more condusive to lingering- as it was, we had just a few minutes to wonder before I hustled back inside to huddle by the gas heater.

Riding home the following evening, I scanned the night sky ruefully for some indication that the magic still shone somewhere overhead. Only the brightest stars remained- a handful here and there, veiled to a fraction of their former brilliance. Lights that pierced like beacons were now hard to pick out in the pinkish grey sheen over the endless highway. We drew nearer and nearer to Atlanta as I typed, watching the stars fade away. Suddenly ahead the city skyline popped into view like a sunrise on the horizon. For a moment I was startled by it’s beauty, towers twinkling like diamonds, thousands upon thousands of gleaming lights in this urban metropolis. Here of course was the main reason the stars had disappeared: the light pollution was simply too intense, too widespread for the starts to compete. And all at once I was struck with a vision of stars, countless stars, being pulled inexorably from the heavens down to earth, where they coalesced into the sparkling spires then dazzling my eyes.

What human conceit, to have stolen the stars.