Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Din in the Bathroom, Snow Trip and LAUNDRY

I am sitting on my bed, working on blog stuff. Electra Luna (crazy cat) is snoozing beside me. Theme music from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (the only music Littleman wants to listen to, lately) is wafting up from downstairs. I am listening to Littleman and Sweetcheeks banter, giggle and snort with laughter behind the closed bathroom door. What are they DOING in there? Whatever it is, it involves fart sounds, thumps, laughter, incomprehensible jokes, other random sound effects, more laughter, animal impersonations and I don't know what else. Babyman is in the hallway by the closed bathroom door- by the sound of it, he's sliding toys or books under the door for his brothers to slide back out. (That amuses him to no end.) Hmm. I hear water running. They are supposed to be brushing their teeth and washing their hands. I'd like them to hurry up and finish, and not make a mess. However, it's nice to hear them having such a good time together. I just hope there's not a lake in there to mop up, or toothpaste fingerpaintings on the mirror. Or worse.

* * *

You probably spotted my recent snow photo blog. (And I will be posting the second series soon.) No, it didn't snow here at home (except maybe a few flurries). However we knew Highlands, NC had a couple inches, and cold weather long enough to keep the snow on the ground a couple days. So we dropped everything to take the kids to the mountains. It worked out perfectly- Mitchell's Lodge and Cottages (our favorite place to stay in Highlands, especially with the kids) was running a special rate, and we were able to combine our snow play with a break to watch the inauguration by the fireside. (We couldn't have watched at home, since we have no TV channels here.) The kids had a blast- though the snow was too powdery for snowballs or snowmen, it was just fine for sledding. I was glad we went- it was a much-needed break for all of us.

* * *

Side note: there was no lake to mop up, but there was toothpaste fingerpainting. Sigh. After probably 40 minutes in there at least, neither boy had brushed his teeth or washed his hands. I had to send them back to accomplish the original objective. They had fun, though.

* * *

In honor of the laundry I am doing today, and was doing yesterday, and will be doing tomorrow. . . today's thumbs-up goes to this very useful page: a Guide to Home Laundering Symbols. Print that sucker out and post it in the laundry room- finally, a translation of laundry hieroglyphics!

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