Monday, November 24, 2008

Conversation: Diety at the Dinner Table

Littleman: "I'm glad I was born."

Me: "Me too, Littleman."

Littleman: "I'm glad you were born, Mommy."

Me: "So am I!"

Littleman: "And I'm glad Daddy was born, and Sweetcheeks, and Babyman, and. . ."
(he continues in this way with various family members and friends, while I agree, for awhile before settling back into contemplation)

Littleman: (after a pause) "This might sound silly, but I'm glad God was born!" (mischievous grin)

Me: "That's not silly." (pause) "But I'm not sure if God was born, exactly. . .

Littleman: (interrupting enthusiastically) "Maybe he just CAME, like magic!"

Me: "Well yes, that's possible. . ."

Littleman: "Oh, or MAYBE God's an ALIEN!"

Me: (slight chuckle) "That's possible. . ."

Littleman: "Or maybe he was MADE, by an alien!"

Me: "Could be, we just don't know."

Littleman: "Yeah. I think, if we asked God 'Where do you come from', I think God would say, 'You know.'"

Me: "We already know?"

Littleman: "Yeah. . ."

Me: (a little impressed) "You just might be right about that one."

Littleman: (turns to Mr. Sweetcheeks) "Sweetcheeks, what do you think God would say if you asked him?"

Sweetcheeks: "I think he would say, 'I was born in Rock City!'"

See Rock City

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Littleman's Life Lesson

Whew. I've been busy.

There have been a number of things I could write about- both Littleman and Babyman have had birthday parties (today was Babyman's 1st!), we went on an epic day hike with the boys, I've been planning holiday gifts and foods, and I've sorted through and given away all the baby clothes (save a handful of things for their memory boxes), which has prompted some wistful reflections in me. I want to write.

But, I am TIRED.

So, they will have to wait. However I can't let my fingers clack at the keyboard without relating this recent little gem:

Billy: "So, Littleman. You're a big 5-year old, now. You've lived on this Earth 5 years- tell me, what life lesson have you learned in those 5 years?"

Littleman: . . .

Billy: "What's the most important thing you've learned about life?"

Littleman: (Thinks a minute.) "Don't get killed."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008