Monday, November 24, 2008

Conversation: Diety at the Dinner Table

Littleman: "I'm glad I was born."

Me: "Me too, Littleman."

Littleman: "I'm glad you were born, Mommy."

Me: "So am I!"

Littleman: "And I'm glad Daddy was born, and Sweetcheeks, and Babyman, and. . ."
(he continues in this way with various family members and friends, while I agree, for awhile before settling back into contemplation)

Littleman: (after a pause) "This might sound silly, but I'm glad God was born!" (mischievous grin)

Me: "That's not silly." (pause) "But I'm not sure if God was born, exactly. . .

Littleman: (interrupting enthusiastically) "Maybe he just CAME, like magic!"

Me: "Well yes, that's possible. . ."

Littleman: "Oh, or MAYBE God's an ALIEN!"

Me: (slight chuckle) "That's possible. . ."

Littleman: "Or maybe he was MADE, by an alien!"

Me: "Could be, we just don't know."

Littleman: "Yeah. I think, if we asked God 'Where do you come from', I think God would say, 'You know.'"

Me: "We already know?"

Littleman: "Yeah. . ."

Me: (a little impressed) "You just might be right about that one."

Littleman: (turns to Mr. Sweetcheeks) "Sweetcheeks, what do you think God would say if you asked him?"

Sweetcheeks: "I think he would say, 'I was born in Rock City!'"

See Rock City

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Anonymous said...

that's a claim to fame that justifies their 10,000 billboard & barn roofs! ;^)

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE when you post these conversations. I eat them up. They are soooooooooooooooo amazing. You are very blessed. That they abviously feel safe and happy enough to speak so freely reflects on you. I love the reflective quality of the conversations and all the names you have given your kids. Little man, etc.

I was blown away when he said: "Yeah. I think, if we asked God 'Where do you come from', I think God would say, 'You know.'"

Life at it's finest!!

These conversations would be SO wonderful put together in a book!

Anonymous said...

I'm new here, but that was a great little conversation. Off to see if there are more...

Kit said...

@ Lori: Welcome! You're right! I'll smile every time I see one, now.

@ Robin: As usual, you've brought me a smile. Maybe I will have enough of these for a little book, sometime- that's part of why I blog. At least they are getting recorded somewhere before I forget!

@ Charlie: Thank you for stopping by! I hope you were able to navigate my back posts- I keep meaning to make it easier to do, but haven't found the time to add that feature. I hope you enjoyed your visit!