Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Babyman's First "Solid" Food

So, Babyman got to try his first "solid" food: sweet potatoes! I didn't make it from scratch, and I could be all guilty about that, but by the third baby one learns to let some things slide. So what if it's sold by a monster corporation headquartered in some other corner of the world, processed into oblivion and shipped all over kingdom come? It's organic! So it's better! Right? Right? OK, never mind.

It was a new sensation for Babyman. New taste, new texture, new way of ingesting nutrients. He wasn't so sure about this whole spoon concept. And the flavor? Umm, not so sure about that either.

Sweet potatoes, rejected! "Honestly, Mommy. You guys are kidding me, right?"

He wouldn't open his mouth, after that. Billy resorted to trickery and distraction.


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Michelle Roebuck said...

So cute - stubborn little critter. He'll fit right in with all the rest of the boys, eh???