Monday, April 7, 2008

productive day

Well, I don't have much in mind for a blog post, but at least I am feeling somewhat accomplished. Today Billy had the two older boys for the day, and Babyman and I stayed home. I was able to do dishes, clean out the fridge, take out the trash, go grocery shopping, put groceries away, do a load of laundry AND take care of Babyman.

Who is crying. Impeccable timing, he has. 'Scuse me.

OK, I'm back. Anyway, there was still a lot more that needed doing, but at least I got a lot done. So, I'm feeling pleasantly accomplished. Billy had a fun day with the boys. We all went out for breakfast together, then he, Littleman and Sweetcheeks went to the studio for a recording session! What fun! I can't wait to listen to their CD. After that they went bike riding together, and had a blast. They alternated between zipping along at a good pace (Sweetcheeks was in the bike seat on Billy's bike) and getting gloriously muddy. Those thunderstorms that didn't blow us away did drop over an inch of rain here, and the greenway was a mess. The boys loved it.

I fixed dinner, and everyone cuddled and watched some of Two Towers. Which isn't exactly preschool fare- even as much as I love the Lord of the Rings films I wouldn't have chosen it for the boys- but Billy loves to share his favorite films with them, and he narrates and explains when helpful. His involvement and explanations seem to help the boys a lot, and they do seem to appreciate good movies. And, I figure the Daddy-bonding is more important than my arbitrary notions of "suitable" movies for the boys. (Sorry, I think my grammar is poor here, but I am tired and don't feel like making my point more clearly. So you will just have to follow me). ANYHOW, it was family dinner-and-a-movie night here, which was nice.

* * *

Everyone stayed up too late, and right now Billy is helping them brush their teeth and go to bed. I can hear them through the baby monitor. Whenever Littleman is feeling uncooperative about brushing his teeth, he pulls out a maddeningly long list of excuses- "But I have to yawn", "My eye hurts!", "Noooooo", "Wait, I have to go pee pee!" and my personal favorite, "My legs hurt!". Why he thinks that has anything at all to do with brushing his teeth, I am not sure. Anyway, he was just whining to Billy that his legs hurt. I'm rolling my eyes.

* * *

Well, Billy wishes to use my 'puter and I really need to fold all the clean laundry that's strewn all over our bed. So, I'm off. After I eat just one more lemon cream girl scout cookie. Really. Just one.
Thumbs up, lemon creams. Mmmmm.

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