Tuesday, January 15, 2008

baby news, one night on vacation, aquariums and a funny link

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

baby news, one night on vacation, aquariums and a funny link
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Babyman is 2 months old! Today was his checkup, and everything looks great. He is a big boy, at over 13 lbs already, and strong. The pediatrician asked me if he had turned over yet, and I said nope. As she was turning him onto his stomach, she said it would be early for that, anyway. Lo and behold, he then flipped himself over onto his back! He's a genius! LOL. Little show-off. :)

Luckily I didn't have to get Sweetcheeks looked at, too- the intestinal bug he apparently had seems to be all resolved now. Thank goodness. It's no fun to be sharing a hotel bed with your 2 year old, and reach over to slide them back to their side of the bed (because by the laws of toddler physics, no matter how much space there is in the bed, small bodies are irresistibly attracted to larger ones), only to discover that they are lying in a puddle of poo. Yeah. Nothing like getting up at 3am to scrub your arms down, bathe your miserable child, strip a hotel bed and rearrange everyone's sleeping arrangements while still caring for an infant and a 4 year old who suddenly decides he is hungry. Especially when you're on vacation! Eh, Billy? Wow.

I forgot to do a thumbs-up for my last post. I'll go with the Gatlinburg Aquarium, or more accurately, "Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies". It isn't as large as the GA Aquarium here in Atlanta, nor as educational or creative (in my opinion) as the TN Aquarium in Chattanooga. However, the Gatlinburg Aquarium is my favorite for little kids. The facility is a manageable size, the exhibits are nicely presented and accessible to small folks (sometimes with "rocks" to climb on for a better look, sometimes with tanks that bulge or slant out of the wall so kids can look up inside), there are a lot of fish and creatures with a "cool" factor (like piranhas, sharks, sawfish, poison frogs, sea dragons. . .), the underwater tunnel is really neat, and there are some cool hands-on activities to experience. All in all, highly recommended for the little ones, and fun for the rest of the family as well.
Jellyfish in Gatlinburg Aquarium:

(photo by yours truly)

Tonight's thumbs-up is for this little moment caught on film:

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