Friday, February 1, 2008

Here comes the rain. . .

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Here comes the rain. . .
Current mood: peaceful

Just a moment ago, the rain really started coming down. I just love that sound, especially if the rest of the house is quiet. (Hell, I just like the sound of the rest of the house being quiet, as long as it doesn't mean the kids are up to something disastrous somewhere out of my sight- but adding in the rain sound is especially lovely). My ears had barely registered the subtle hiss and drip-drop of a quiet, gentle rain outside. Then all of a sudden, the sound builds and builds to a beautiful heavy roar that beats down on the roof and rushes through the gutters. There's a whole little symphony of plops, drips, shushing and gurgling out there, if I stop typing to focus in and listen.

Oooh, and there's the train, sounding it's horn off in the distance. All the way from old town, that magical sound comes drifting through the watery night. What is it about the sound of a train that catches our attention, bringing to mind half-acknowledged glimpses of life's possibilities? That feeling that, even in this chaotic, messy life you are living right now- this Groundhog Day of runny noses, dirty laundry, running late and sibling rivalry- that even here there is magic and adventure just outside your door. I don't know why, but just hearing that sound makes me feel better, and seems (in a small way) to put my struggles in perspective. Life is good, remember?

And it's raining. :)

* * *

Sweetcheeks is doing really well with peeing in the potty. On the poop front, well, we're still working on that. He pooped in his underwear twice yesterday, but he voluntarily went and pooped in the potty again today. (One step forward, two steps back?) I hope he catches on sooner rather than later, because I have to say I am getting VERY tired of cleaning up poopy accidents. VERY tired. But over all, I'd say things are still going well with the Sweetcheeks potty saga.

And Babyman actually seemed to like his little massage after his bath tonight. Which is nice, because when I actually have the time to do it, I love giving my babies a massage. I ought to try teaching his older brothers how to give me one- at least on my neck and shoulders! (They did occasionally rub my feet for me when I was pregnant!)

Oh, and speaking of teaching them to be helpful, the other night Littleman requested chicken soup for dinner. He'd prefer soup in a can, but I didn't have any that he wanted. I did have some chicken broth in the fridge though, so I told him I'd make some soup for him. He grudgingly agreed. While the broth heated I pulled out some carrots, celery, garlic and noodles. I started to cut up the carrots before thinking, "DUH!" as I realized Littleman could participate. He has this little wood-handled vegetable chopper, which he had not had the opportunity to use yet. I set him up at the kitchen table with the carrots and celery, and showed him what to do. He did a great job cutting up the veggies for me, and even Sweetcheeks was able to cut a few carrot pieces, too! They were very excited about the whole thing, and gobbled the soup down when it was done. Littleman made sure to tell Daddy about the soup "he" had made!

* * *

I guess we could say that today's thumbs-up is for that little vegetable chopper. Or for rain (we need it so!). Or for that distant train. Or for this Mom's version of the the William Tell Overture on youtube. But I think right now, my winner will be fresh, clean sheets and my nice warm blanket. Ohhhh, YEAH.


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