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Friday, February 15, 2008

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It seems like I am often writing about the trials of my mommy existence, yet I seldom make note of the simple unadulterated joy that's also involved. There are a few reasons for this- usually the trials make for better writing, and I have a need to write about them. It helps relieve a little tension and allow me to laugh at myself. But unfortunately, another reason is that I simply tend to see the tough stuff more than the joy. I am so swept up in managing, that I am missing out on the little moments- flashes of beauty that can suddenly bring it all into perspective.

What brought this realization to mind was a simple instant earlier this week: I was driving to pick Sweetcheeks up from Montessori, and Littleman was in his seat in the back of the van. The weather was lovely, and I had the radio on. A Genesis song came on, and Littleman asked me to turn it up. My mind was wandering, ticking off lists in my head and planning strategies to try to manage the day efficiently. I looked in my mirror to check on Littleman in the back seat, just as I do often, without thinking. This time however, the whole moment caught my attention and I suddenly felt aware. Littleman was watching out the window, lips pursed, head bobbing expertly to the beat. His bedhead was particularly admirable that day, his hair exploding off one side of his head as if he were still moving at mach speed even when strapped into his carseat. He was so present, so genuine and delightful. It wasn't anything Earth-shattering- in fact it was quite normal- but suddenly I was aware of the blessing of it all, and the beauty of that moment.

Not only did I revel in the sudden awareness, but I realized that I should be paying closer attention to these little joys. That I wasn't keeping myself open, so that the wonder could shine through. This is key, I think, to reawakening the relaxed, creative and spontaneous self I used to be. The first step to creating magic in my life is to recognize the magic I already have, and wonder at it.

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Today's thumbs-up is for these acoustic images- remarkable little atmospheric tracks put together from field recordings gathered all over the world. The site is called WildTracks, and the recordings are by Steven Van Roy. Have a listen, and enjoy.
(note: after you click on the title of the track you want to hear, you still have to click play. It took me awhile to figure that out. Doh).

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