Monday, August 6, 2007

no kids, good service and cloth diapers

Monday, August 06, 2007

no kids, good service and cloth diapers
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Wow, so I left this afternoon with both boys in the car and no naps having been had by anyone (grrrr), and I came home this evening child-free and ready for a quiet evening! No, I didn't abandon them on a doorstep somewhere- my mom has Sweetcheeks overnight, and then Billy said that Littleman could hang out at the studio for the rest of the evening. I'll have them back soon of course, but in the meantime I hardly know what to do with myself!! I'm blogging and catching up on a few e-mails, then I'll get some office work done, and finally have a nice long, quiet hot shower. Maybe I'll even get to read tonight! Ahh. :)

To top it off, I had stopped at Chick Fil'A for a wrap sandwitch and some fries (since I never get fries with the kids), and the wait was a little long. I hardly noticed- I was looking for something decent to listen to on the radio- but apparently it was too long because when I got to the window the manager gave me my food free, and apologized for the wait! Cool. Service like that makes me loyal. :) And now I have had my pregnant mama fast food fix for now! (Less likely that I will be tempted to stop with the kids in tow).

I'll end this evening with a couple cloth diapering links:
- The Real Diaper Association
A non-profit association to promote cloth diapers. Lots of great information!

- Emi Bean's
An online store selling a nice variety of cloth diapers and accessories, plus a bunch of other cool stuff. The WAHM who runs it is located here in the Atlanta area, and if you e-mail her she can usually meet up for product demonstrations- to look at different kinds of cloth diapers, for instance. I found out by e-mailing her to ask, and she was very prompt and pleasant with her reply. I'm glad to find a local resource I can point interested mamas (and daddies) to! Up till today I didn't know of anyplace local to see modern cloth diapers (except my house!).

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