Tuesday, August 14, 2007

baby names, first haircut and toy recalls

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

baby names, first haircut and toy recalls
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Ok ok, everyone- NO, we do not yet know what we are going to name the new baby. But because there is so much interest, I will provide the current short list of possible names. Keep in mind that 1) this list is totally subject to change, 2) we will probably disregard any feedback we get on names :P , and 3) we will almost certainly reserve our final decision until we've actually met the little guy.

The name will be some combination (a first name and a middle name) from our short list:


(And YES, Sage is actually a boy name. It is now used for girls as well, but it remains gender neutral).

I also like Peregrin, but I think it's out. :)

* * *
Mr. Sweetcheeks finally got his first haircut! (sniff). I asked them to preserve the curls though, and they did a great job I think. The new cut is very cute. Not as short as we do Littleman's! He was great for the stylist- perfectly content to watch Elmo while she worked. I think he appreciates that his hair no longer gets in his eyes or gets caught in the carseat straps, and it also tangles less. I still haven't fixed our camera (MUST remember to do that!) So I had to pick up a disposable camera to preserve the memories. :) Now if I can only get it developed before I lose the darn thing. . .

* * *
I am really getting irritated by these toy recalls. Luckily, the only ones we've had so far were wooden Thomas trains- we just don't have that many plastic toys. (These recalls only strengthen my prejudices against plastic and character toys. . .) It really makes one think twice about buying anything that was made in China. I am on the fence still about one of Sweetcheeks' upcoming birthday gifts- we are considering an accessory for the train table since Sweetcheeks has been really enjoying it lately, but as far as I know all the Thomas stuff is still made in China. Can we really trust it? Lead in the paint is not something I want to fool around with. I have been paying a lot more attention to where things are manufactured, lately.

I STILL have not been able to locate two items that we own that were part of the Thomas trains recall. Lord knows where they've ended up- I hope I find them soon!

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