Thursday, August 23, 2007

an ebay listing, birthday, Cabbage Patch, minivan and writing. . .

August 23, 2007 - Thursday

an ebay listing, birthday, Cabbage Patch, minivan and writing. . .
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First of all, this is a hoot (read the whole description):
She has a blog too:

Second of all, Mr. Sweetcheeks' birthday party will be the second weekend of September. I am delaying it in hope of (somewhat) cooler weather. More on that as soon as details are nailed down.

As usual, I had all sorts of ideas for blog entries that popped into my head over the past couple days. . . I never write them down, and they flee my neurons just as quickly as they arrived.

I will mention that Grandma and I took the boys up to Cleveland GA, for a visit to the world-famous Babyland General Hospital. . . the birthplace of Cabbage Patch dolls. (LOL) It is mind-bogglingly cheesy, and really rather cute. Other than the price tag for one of the Cabbage Patch "originals", the whole thing is pretty sweet and unpretentious. The boys were amused, and it was fun to take advantage of this bit of local color. I let Littleman choose a babydoll to "adopt". (One of the mass-produced, inexpensive "toy" Cabbage Patch dolls- I simply can't stomach spending $100+ for any doll. . .) He wanted a boy doll, and decided to christen it "John Jeremy". (I was explaining ways that people choose names for their babies, and mentioned that sometimes they use names of people they know and admire, such as older family members or other people they look up to. Littleman liked that idea. He immediately liked "Jeremy" because of our friend Jeremy, whom the boys adore. Littleman chose "John" after his Grandpa. I threw the names out there amongst a bunch of possibilities, but the selection and arrangement of the name was all Littleman's idea). I'd been unsure whether the boys would enjoy a babydoll, even though they are of an age that typically enjoys all sorts of imaginative play and imitative roleplaying. However, they both seem to enjoy having the doll around. I figure it was a nice outing, and perhaps the doll will come in handy when the new baby comes along. They might enjoy role playing some baby care, to feel more included when I am spending so much time taking care of the new infant. (Well one can hope, right??) Anyway, if you have young children and are near the area, the Babyland Hospital is fairly cute and has free admission. (Must leave through the gift shop though- of course!) I can't really say it's worth any major field trip, unless you are a rabid Cabbage Patch fan. And if total cheesiness makes you want to vomit, stay far, far away. ;) Grandma and the boys certainly enjoyed themselves.

On another note, we have now finally embraced the inevitable and purchased a minivan! I am actually quite excited about it- I have nothing at all against minivans, and they are perfectly designed for our current needs. We ended up finding a very nice used Honda Odyssey- it's even a color I like! We are all quite pleased with it and can't wait for our next family road trip. Even better- we do not have to go to the trouble of listing the old sedan for sale, since it turns out Billy's folks are in the market for a smaller car. So everyone is happy! :)

So often, by the time I find time to sit down and blog, my brain is so fried from the day that I feel rather useless in the writing department. So once again, this has been a bare-bones report, and I sincerely hope I am not boring you all to tears. However I am struggling right now simply to make coherent sentences, and my pregnant heartburn is threatening my gullet. Time to chew some antacids and get ready for bed.

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