Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a poem, and a belly video (not mine, yet)

Monday, July 30, 2007

a poem, and a belly video (not mine, yet)
Current mood: cheerful

A poem I saw today in a chocolate wrapper:
(from Song From The Persian)

Ah, sad are they who know not love,
But, far from passion's tears and smiles,
Drift down a moonless sea, beyond
The silvery coasts of fairy isles.

And sadder they whose longing lips
Kiss empty air, and never touch
The dear warm mouth of those they love-
Waiting, wasting, suffering much.

But clear as amber, fine as musk,
Is life to those who, pilgrim-wise,
Move hand in hand from dawn to dusk,
Each morning nearer Paradise.

Ah, not for them shall angels pray!
They stand in everlasting light,
They walk in [love's] smile by day,
And slumber in his heart by night.

-Thomas Bailey Aldrich

* * *

Saw this video on the myspace homepage today- my belly isn't there yet, but I remember it from the other 2 pregnancies! (Though my boys never seem to cooperate whenever someone wants to feel the movement or see them bopping around. . . maybe this little guy will be different!) Wierd, isn't it? :)

Check out this video: crazy belly movement!

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