Friday, July 6, 2007


Friday, July 06, 2007

Current mood: tired

The air is heavy, thick with summer humidity and redolent of tomato plants. I marvel at the recent explosion of fruit- fat green tomatoes hang everywhere, hidden amongst the leaves until you lean down to peer through the thicket. Standing out like rubies are the sweet little cherry tomatoes, a few here and there brilliantly ripe. I twist one off and pop it into my mouth; sun-warmed tomato sweetness explodes over my tongue. Mmmm, this is why a vegetable garden is so wonderful! I swear, there is simply nothing like eating a sun-warmed tomato straight out of the garden. Moving over I inspect the bean plants, gently parting leaves to reveal perfect little green beans that snap off easily in my hands. So delicious, fresh and green! I don't think any will make it into the house this time. The okra are not yet yielding, nor the squash and watermelons. The squash leaves prickle my skin. Very soon I should cut the glossy, dark eggplants from their stems- I lean down to admire the regal perfection, running my fingers over their smooth skin. Don't let them get too big, or they get too tough and the seeds are too hard. These are almost perfect, I bet. Hmm- eggplant parmesagn? Or maybe breaded, fried eggplant sllices? The basil is taking over the corner of the garden. I pinch some off and inhale deeply before enjoying the flavor.

With a pocketful of cherry tomatoes for Sweetcheeks (the tomato king) and a couple green beans for Littleman, I leave the rich living confines of the garden for the cool air conditioned comfort inside. Soon I will begin to itch wherever the mosquitoes have gotten me- but the discomfort is well worth this soul-replenishing evening visit.

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