Saturday, January 6, 2007

That was fun! And 5 pointers.

Friday, January 05, 2007

That was fun! And 5 pointers.
Current mood: good

OK, no I have not disappeared, nor have I moved to Alaska (more's the pity, in some ways)- the holiday vortex sucked me up and spit me back out again, and I am just now recovering. Not to say it was not fun, because actually I had a blast this Yule season and New Year's Eve. I am really beginning to understand how parents get out of hand at Christmas. What fun! I try to stay very aware of my core values, so that I don't get too swept away and end up trying to do too much, or spend too much, or eat too much (much) or get too behind. I love the holidays.

Anyhow I am still catching up on some things (like laundry!!) and I have to get moving early (relatively speaking) tomorrow so I'll make tonight brief. I had a long, enjoyable conversation with my Dad tonight on the phone, in which we hashed out theories on the american dream, the decline of society, comfort zones and the beauties of cooking with wine. (to name a few). It left me wanting to type this:

1) Know what you want. (Often the hardest step).
2) Believe you can get it. (And you must also know you are worthy and capable of having it). Be prepared for a rocky road getting there, since leaving your comfort zone (even for something much better) is always very hard.
4) Start walking in the right direction. (Be proactive, stay focused and make room in your life for success).
5) Don't give up.

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