Saturday, January 13, 2007

a day at the High

Friday, January 12, 2007

a day at the High
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Touching tips to paper, rich aqua flows and swirls, shimmering green, deep warm brown and fire bright orange. Picking up the paper sends rainbow drips sliding, mingling gleefully in their rush for the edge. Spritzing water, and suddenly they disperse in delicate muted explosions, liquid puffs of magic captured. He is delighted, intent on further experiments with this wonderful, messy and brilliant material. He tries drawing, squirting, dripping, dipping fingers, stirring, tasting. No aspect of the paint goes unexplored, until finally his attention span begins to wander and I shuttle his colorful self over to the sink for fun experiments with soap and water. Big brother is still intent on creation, selecting and applying his colors with care. He is having a ball, and I look forward to seeing his masterpieces.

Yesterday my Mom and I took the boys to "toddler Thursday" at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. It was great! Between 11am and 3pm there is a free art activity for the kids (yesterday was painting). Young kids get into the museum exhibits for free (we checked out the current installments of Louvre Atlanta) and there is a free interactive play area for kids as well, with soft sculpture shapes to build with and climb on, a magnetic 'found object' wall to create on, marker boards and a still life to draw from, unit and architectural blocks, scarves for performance art and several other fun things. The boys really had a good time, and (since my Mom is a museum member) the only things we had to pay for were parking and lunch. (though those did not come cheap). Take Marta and pack our lunch, and we'd have an exciting, educational art outing for pocket change! (Even if you aren't a member, you could take kids to the art activity and the play area without paying admission. If you want to visit the exhibits, adults are $15 and students, seniors and older kids pay less. One admission fee covers all museum exhibits including Louvre Atlanta). We will definitely be back.

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