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Monday, January 15, 2007

Current mood: guilty

Well, I'm a slacker.

I write the newsletter for my neighborhood association. Not a big deal, though it can take awhile for all of us to get together and figure out what news should go in it. We are all busy, unpaid volunteers and our president can get behind sometimes. We tend to have more good ideas than the oomph and organization to complete them, but gradually over the years things have definitely improved. I try to do my small part well, in a timely manner.

Our last officers' meeting was before Christmas, in which we decided that it was very important to get a newsletter out the first week of January. I needed one key piece of information from the president before the newsletter would be ready to print, but for the most part I had all the notes I needed. Then the holidays strike, things get busy, stuff gets tidied up and shuttled around, and I keep putting off writing the newsletter. Also, mr. president has yet to call me with the last piece of info. (I usually have to call him, though). Finally tonight I sit down to write the newsletter (I can get the last bit of information tomorrow) and I cannot find my notes.


So I am a slacker, and a disorganized one at that. Sigh.

I console myself with the knowledge that most likely, other officers have not come through with their duties these last weeks, and therefore we couldn't have sent the newsletter yet anyway. But I hate not keeping my end of the bargain.

I'll find out what's up tomorrow, and perhaps we can all start fresh. It's so hard to keep up with things like this over the holidays- it just gets pushed aside. In the meantime, I am thinking I will do some yoga now that the boys are asleep. It will be nice to do the poses without functioning as a jungle gym at the same time. :)

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