Thursday, September 6, 2007

The quest for all-natural products that work. . .

September 6, 2007 - Thursday

The quest for all-natural products that work. . .
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I wish I could find an all-natural (phosphate-free) detergent for my diapers that works right. I also can't seem to find a natural (paraben-free) deoderant that really works.

I have tried a variety of all-natural detergents, and for some reason they have all caused build up in the diapers- that is, over the course of a few washings the detergent is leaving residue in the fabric, causing the diapers to REEK once peed in. The stink of the diaper pail will make your eyes water. This isn't normal for the cloth diapers- normally the diaper pail hardly smells at all. I have tried Bi-O-Kleen, Charlie's Soap and even plain washing soda with a little Simple Green. My favorite so far was the Charlie's Soap- the diapers smelled SO fresh and clean coming out of the dryer! But unfortunately now the build up has become obvious, and I know the Charlie's Soap doesn't work well with our water for diapers. Sigh. At least I can use it up on other laundry! I'll keep looking. Part of the reason we use cloth diapers is because they have a lesser impact on the environment than disposables do, and I'd like to carry that awareness further by using a detergent that's better for the environment as well.

Similarly, I'd prefer to use a natural, paraben-free deoderant. I have read several articles that detail potential health hazards from regularly using deoderants that contain parabens. Again, I've so far tried several types with little success. The Tom's of Maine deoderant didn't work at all (too bad- it's a great company), and neither did a tea tree oil formulation that I tried (I forget the brand). Years ago I gave the salt crystal thing a try- it works remarkably well for several people I know. Unfortunately my body chemistry didn't jive with it. So far the best one has been an apricot deoderant by JASON. It might do the trick in cooler weather- it made a valiant effort even during our recent heat wave when I tried it out. For now however, I'm back to 'bad old' Secret or whatever it is I last bought. At least it's cheaper and it works.

I have had a lot more success with other natural products- the Trader Joe's and Seventh Generation dishwasher detergents work great. Burt's Bees has lots of really wonderful baby care products, lotions, lip balms and other cosmetics that I recommend. (What I've tried has been great, anyway). Tom's of Maine makes good toothpaste and mouthwash. We use castille soap often. Trader Joe's has a great citrus shampoo- works nicely, cheap and smells divine! Vinegar-water is an excellent all-purpose cleaner. (A little vinegar is also good in lieu of fabric softener for the laundry). Baking soda and lemon together can scour pans and clean the sink. I moisten cloth baby wipes with a solution of water, castille soap, almond oil (olive oil is good too) and lavender essential oil. I'm probably forgetting other successful all-natural products we use.

OK, Sweetcheeks is really making a mess of what remains of his dinner. I think he's done.

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