Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Peace and quiet on the Blue Ridge Parkway

September 18, 2007 - Tuesday

Peace and quiet on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Current mood: relaxed

Quiet. So quiet. Just the breeze stirring the branches, the occsional bird chirp, crickets and the low hum of a dryer somewhere. The boys are off hiking with Daddy, and I am seated on our room's little porch, stretching my toes into the sun and gazing across blue infinity. The mountains flow softly into each other, ridge after ridge fading gently into soft and softer blues, until the far off horizon blends seamlessly with hazy sky. Just below me I can watch the birds and butterflies hop and flutter through tree tops and soft purple flowers. A carpenter bee just came barnstorming, and buzzed off again. It has been surprisingly cool here, easily in the 50s at night and chilly this morning when we walked to breakfast- but the sun warms my bare legs now, and the air is perfect. I brought books and crafts with me to pass the time, but have so far spent most of my day pampering myself with hot water, soaps and lotions. Ahhh. There is absolutely no cell phone coverage, no internet, barely any TV. Wonderful. (It takes an adjustment, though- that's for sure! Amazing how much I depend on cell phones and internet on a daily basis. . .) But it's so relaxing, not being "on call" in any way. At least for awhile.

This may not be a luxurious getaway, but it is beautiful here, and the room is clean. The restaurant is pretty good, and the staff (if an interesting lot) are all super friendly and welcoming. It's a good place with the kids. We're at the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. Good hiking around here, and (since I am supposed to be taking it easy, for the pregnancy) it's also a nice place to just relax. The food in the restaurant is good- great salad, hooray! - if a tad bit expensive. Excellent service though, and be forewarned: the kids' meals are huge. Nice little gift shop, gorgeous scenery. Very pleasant, and unpretentious. Recommended. We are here on a weekday- I don't know how busy or how much noisier it might be on a weekend- the Parkway is popular with motorcyclists. (Yeah baby!) :)

Maybe I will take a nap, hmm. . .

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