Thursday, September 13, 2007

just checking in, a book and campsites

September 13, 2007 - Thursday

just checking in, a book and campsites
Current mood: grumpy

Grumpy. Tired. Sore and plagued with heartburn. Yeah, that's me these days!

I did read a good book: Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke. It's actually a YA novel, and it was perfect light reading- enjoyable, and still well-written. It's the beginning of a trilogy, so next I'll pick up Inkspell which is second. I recommend them, so far.

I am trying to choose the perfect campground for our next big family campout. I want to find a place in the mountains, preferably GA or NC, with a group campsite for tents (rather than us having to reserve adjoining smaller campsites), with hiking trails, flush toilets and running water, nearby accomodations for the grandparents, lovely scenery, and some shade. I'm looking for a place that has more things to do at the campsite, as well- preferably tubing on a river, or maybe a lake with a sandy little beach for swimming, maybe a playground, possibly mountain bike trails, or whatever. No "game rooms". It would be nice to have showers and a camp store, but those aren't necessary. Finally, a nearby attraction (like a particularly cool state park, a great waterfall, something historic, whatever) would be cool but is also not necessary. Not asking for much, am I? ;) I thought I'd mention it here, just in case any of you have a good suggestion! Thanks!

Hmm. I've completely blanked on whatever else it was I was thinking of writing about. Guess I'll go find a pregnancy ticker for my page, so y'all can quit asking me when is it that I'm due, again? ;) And then maybe I'll have a nice warm bath. :)

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