Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Halloween and good night

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween, and good night
Current mood: tired


Blessed Samhain to you!

We had a dozen or so trick-or-treaters tonight, which isn't too bad. Not at all like when I was a kid, though! Our neighborhood would be teeming with roving gangs of costumed kids young and not-so-young, running and yelling and dragging pillowcases overflowing with candy. It went on well into the night, and pranks were pretty common, too. It was spooky, sugar-laden pandemonium.

I am looking forward to going to bed as soon as I can, here. Baby Griff was up frequently last night, and even Littleman needed help settling down a couple of times. I had shallow sleep at best, and for all intents and purposes I was up for the day at 4am. (I tried for a semblance of sleep until 9 or 10am, but never managed it because Griff was so restless. I sure hope he sleeps better tonight! I am really feeling the lack.

Alright, he's done nursing for now. Hopefully I can go to bed!

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