Sunday, March 9, 2008

the things they say. . .

Saturday, March 08, 2008

the things they say. . .
Current mood: distractable

"Do NOT climb up your wardrobe, Littleman. You don't need anything on the top shelf."
“But I wanna wear my pool pants!”
“Pool pants? You mean your swimsuit?”
“No you can’t wear your swimsuit today. Please pick out some pants.”
(whining) “But whyyyy?”
“Because it’s 30 degrees outside! It’s too cold for a swimsuit.”
(Getting upset) “Why?”
(Firmly) "Because you’d freeze your tushes off, silly! Now find something appropriate to wear, or I’ll make the pizza without you."
(Collapses on the floor in frustration, and mumbles something)
(still mumbling, but audible this time) "But I wanna go to the pool today."

I just shook my head and went off to do something more productive. In hindsight, I suppose I could have let him wear his swimsuit. We weren't going anywhere (especially not to the pool, LOL!) In hindsight, the creative, cool, fun mommy thing to do would have been to let him wear his swimsuit, and then pretend we were going to the pool. The couch could have been the pool. We could have pretended to swim, and bounced a balloon back and forth for a beach ball. We could have pretended to splash each other. But none of this occurred to me at the time- I was caught up in making sure we had time to finish preparing and eating lunch before nap time rolled around.

At least the pizza activity was good! Littleman cut up mushrooms, tomatoes, green bell peppers and broccoli. I used a pizza crustmix , pizza sauce from a jar and plenty of shredded mozzarella. These convenient ingredients make "home made" pizza so quick and easy. :) This will probably be one of the first things Littleman learns to cook himself. We put it all together and it was baked in 10 minutes. YUM!

* * *

Littleman cracks me up with his growing sense of humor. Sometimes I get it, sometimes not so much. . . but it thrills me to hear him playing with language to make little jokes. For instance, one day he informed me that "Cliff could fall off of his name!". Tonight, he was in the bath singing "We all live in a leaky submarine. . ." as he sank his sub. Those are just the two that pop into my mind now. As for some of the mysteries, well there was his signature way of saying good bye on the phone- after saying goodbye (usually when he had called Billy to say goodnight before bed) he would add, "We're going to a playground!" After a pause (in which he's grinning like a madman) he'd finish "NO we're not!!! Hahahahahahahaha!" and then hand me the phone. He kept that one up so long that by the time he finally quit doing it, it had eventually become the obligatory way to end a phone call, mindlessly repeated without the previous humor. Which made it even funnier to me, somehow!

Sweetcheeks likes to pick up on Littleman's jokes and repeat them. Sometimes he pops out his own little gems, though. More often I am amused by his simple observations and interactions with the rest of us. A couple days ago I was talking to Babyman. Sweetcheeks was watching me with an expression of incredulous pity. "Mommy" he says with careful emphasis, "Babyman. Doesn't. Talk."

* * *

Tonight's thumbs-up goes to this National Geographic tutorial on forces of nature: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanoes. REALLY interesting, and fun to navigate. Enjoy!


S said...

I think we've all had days when our blinders are on and we only see things from our point of view. When I realize it, I try to go back and suggest we do whatever we missed out on. There's nothing that says you can't grab his suit and suggest the pool/couch adventure today. I sometimes wonder if it isn't just as important to admit and correct our mistakes as it would be to do things right the first time. I think you are a very cool and fun mommy!

Kit said...

Aw, thank you! We still haven't had time to go "swimming", but I'll remember it this week.