Thursday, March 27, 2008

Grey hairs

Sheesh. I gained a few grey hairs today! I am now recovering by checking out Pioneer Woman's new site, and sipping some of my Mom's homemade limoncello. Aaah. But earlier, I was not so calm.

See, the day started out pretty well. Hectic, but well. I didn't get enough sleep, but that's no news. I dragged my butt out of bed at 7 am ok, 7:30 so I could get Sweetcheeks off to Montessori. While he and I (and Babyman) are getting ready, there's a knock at the door- it's the plumber! I haven't been regaling you with my quest for a plumber's assistance, so suffice it to say I was very pleased to see him. Perhaps I will catch you up in another blog post. I am very glad it was a school day, so that I was up and dressed. Anyway, he took a good look at the dishwasher situation and started right to work. Despite that distraction, I manged to get Sweetcheeks to school (barely) on time.

So, the plumber completed all tasks admirably and was done by noon! I am the proud new owner of a functioning, energy-efficient, stainless steel dishwasher that's all fancy and stuff and runs as quiet as a mouse. It's quite a departure from the previous model (circa 80s) that was small, beige, so NOT energy efficient, and sounded just like a jet airplane taking off. (No joke. You had to hear it to believe it). I immediately made my huge sink-full of dirty dishes disappear. Hooray!

Anyway, to abbreviate (ha!) a bit: we picked Sweetcheeks up on time, I had time to prepare a healthy lunch AND take care of Babyman, we were early (beyond amazing) for Littleman's gym class, he had a good class, I got to do a little knitting, the weather was gorgeous. We went to the mall to get a birthday present (a boy's shirt), my first-choice store (Gymboree) had adorable stuff in stock which was on sale, and I got to get Littleman and Sweetcheeks each something they needed, too. Score! The boys had a blast at the indoor playground, actually playing tag in a semi-organized fashion. It was hilarious, and fun to watch. We all got tea at Teavana (LOVE that store!) and the boys received balloons from the nice lady in Nordstrom on our way out.

Drove all the way home, and realized that I was VERY low on gas. Littleman was asleep and the other two boys were chill, so I turned right back around to go to the gas station. Good thing too (and here's where it got interesting)- I reached for my wallet and it wasn't there. I looked and looked in the van, but no luck. (Right about now, Babyman starts to fuss). I started really digging for it, under stuff, in bags, in the back, under the seats. No luck. I start freaking out a bit. I start wondering if I might have to cancel credit cards, debit card, get a new license, replace insurance cards, how much cash did I have in there? Probably not much, but I can't remember. . . What other important cards are in there? I'm not even sure. . . Shit. Plus, it's traffic time, my gas tank is on empty and I have no money anywhere. No ATM card. No credit card. Oh, and a crying baby.

* * *

As if on cue, as I was writing this blog post it was right about here that Babyman started crying. I went to tend to him, and fell asleep, and now it is 2:30 in the morning and the rest of this story will just have to wait. To be continued. . .

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