Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sunshine and crashed out

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sunshine and crashed out
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Today, the weather was gorgeous. (It's a little scary, considering what the first week of March should feel like around here, but it was very enjoyable). I took the kids to a playground this afternoon. They had a blast playing, Babyman napped in his carseat/carrier and I stretched out on on a bench, lying relaxed on my tummy while keeping an eye on the boys' whereabouts. The sun was so warm on my back and legs, and the breeze was refreshing. I needed that fresh air time, and I think the boys did too. It was good.

* * *
A couple days ago, the boys were having lunch and Sweetcheeks was taking a looong time. Finally, I just left him to finish up while the rest of us went upstairs to prepare for a nap. I figured he would eat more efficiently if we weren't around to distract him. I nursed Babyman and changed his diaper, got Littleman all ready for a nap and found the Boxcar Children chapter book that Littleman and I were reading at the time. Then it occurred to me that Sweetcheeks still hadn't come upstairs, and it was suspiciously quiet in the kitchen. When I went down to check on him, here's what I found:

LOL! Poor sweetie. I cleaned him up and put him right to bed.

Which is where I am headed now. After today's thumbs-up: a cute little video:
Now, those are some talented fingers!

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Michelle Roebuck said...

I can't recall the last time the Noodle Dude fell asleep in his food, though I'm certain I could use a good na...zzzzzzzz.

Herm - 'scuz me. Beautiful photo of Sweetcheeks.