Thursday, May 11, 2006

Twenty Minutes

Twenty Minutes

Current mood: aggravated

Dogs on the deck. Baby happy in the playpen, Littleman wants to "watch"- he settles on the couch. Clear a space, lay out my mat. Breathe deep. Perfect time. Smoothly, I follow the prompts and focus on gently relaxing my muscles. "Elongate the spine. Exhale to center. Inhale, arms up. . ." Littleman slid off the couch about 2 minutes in, now he's sort of doing yoga too. I encourage him- I'd love to have him practice with me. ". . . to downward-facing dog pose. . ." I breathe, I stretch my spine, I press my toes into the mat. Feels good. Littleman has completely lost interest- he is running circles around me, screaming with glee. Sweetcheeks in the playpen is getting restless, too. Blocking it out, I relax into Child's pose (Alas, it does not in any way resemble my children at this moment!). Littleman trys to climb on my back. Sweetcheeks begins fussing in earnest. ". . .Inhale, arch your back. . ." Littleman crawls under my belly. Sweetcheeks is crying. ". . .Exhale. . ." Littleman literally shoves a toy in my face, loudly telling me something about it. His body blocks the TV. The dogs outside go ballistic over a jogger on the street. Sweetcheeks is insistent, though I try talking gently to him and telling Simon to move out of the way. On my back now, a jumping Littleman accidentally steps on my fingers. It hurts. Sweetcheeks is starting to get frantic. A last ditch attempt to relax, and I'm nailed in the face with a ball.

Sigh. I gave up.

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