Thursday, May 11, 2006

Our awesome motorcycle pics

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Our awesome motorcycle pics (updated)
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So, if you want to see the badass pictures of Billy and I on the motorcycle last Thursday, they are available online. There are a few companies that hang out on the Dragon's Tail and shoot pics of everyone driving by. They put the pics online, and you can go see if they have any shots of you. Two companies got pics of our run that day- here's how to see them:
- click on the purple dragon in the middle of the page, toward the top. (The link says, Click here for photo page!Deal's Gap, "The Dragon", Hwy 129)
- Under Thursday May 4, 2006 (on the left hand side) click on the link "Also, Sport bikes, Cruisers, Motards, etc"
- click on "Cruisers, trikes etc"
- navigate to page 15
- We are the 4th - the 11th pictures on this page. Blue and white BMW K1200RS.

The other pics will be available soon- they were up, but he is having technical difficulties. In the meantime, you could check out his front page- cool shots every week! UPDATE: The new pics are available! Go to: (THE site for pics on the Dragon's Tail)
- under "Our Store" (right hand side, under the header) click on " --> Your Photos are Here!"
- click on "Deals Gap - May 1-6, 2006"
- click on "4th - Thursday / Touring Bikes"
- We are the last 2 shots on page 7, the first on page 8 and on page 11 we are the 2nd - 5th.

We will probably buy some pictures from them, so eventually I should be able to post a couple on myspace.

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