Sunday, May 7, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy Anniversary
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Six years ago today, Billy and I stood on a dock over a lake, hands fast, and publicly proclaimed our lifelong commitment. We sealed the deal with a leap over the broomstick. That day was a blast- so many great friends and family, a comfortable laid-back outdoors gathering and the indescribable joy between Billy and me. What an appropriate beginning.

Sometimes these days it can be easy to forget how wonderful our match is, how appropriate, comfortable, fulfilling and fun. Thank God for the little reminders that keep us going day to day, and I am especially grateful for the occasional true return- when something shifts slightly and we can see what's really there, under all the bustle of daily concerns. Like when you are staring at one of those hidden 3-D images that were so popular a few years ago- the ones that look like visual static until your focus shifts just right and then, OH!- there's a whole landscape in there, jumping out at you in wonderful detail. In the same way, sometimes something said, some touch, some treasured keepsake or silly tradition pops up and brings with it whole ladscapes of our relationship that, despite disuse, are as sunny and brilliant as the day we discovered them together.

These moments are usually fleeting, but so rich in flavor that they can keep us alive for quite a stretch. But oh, what a blessing a true vacation can be! When things are just right and we can relax and slip into those rhythms together again. When we can laugh with each other as we used to, talk uninterrupted and actually focus on each other, rather than on all the millions of important things (and those two all-important, wonderful beings) that usually absorb our attention! What rejuvenation. And really, what a relief that it's still there, still accessible to the extent that it is. Almost a surprise (almost). 12 years together, now? And more to come. Makes me smile. :) I'm so glad we were able to enjoy this little reminder of why.

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