Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Links

I have a couple links today, for your weekend browsing pleasure. First my current amor: my Holy Grail of chocolate bars:
Green & Black's organic Maya Gold chocolate bar. "Dark chocolate infused with spices and a hint of orange". Oooh, baby. Be still my heart. This is perfection. You can find them lots of places. Happy shopping. :)

* * *

Next, an essay for your reading pleasure. Please, don't miss this.
How to Talk to Your 43 year-old Son When He’s Only 13

(from the essay)
"When you speak to your children today, you are also speaking to every day of their future selves. Parenting is outside of time. Take care and take heart in that."

* * *

And finally, just some fun: a great list of some of nature's strangest critters.

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