Saturday, October 31, 2009

Samhain 2009: The Fellowship of the Ring!

(Alternate title: Lord of the Rings Geekery, The Next Generation)

Here I sit, in peace and quiet, sipping coffee and goofing off on the computer. Aaah: a vacation!! It's been a whirlwind getting the boys ready for Halloween tonight, but I've finally gotten them all decked out and sent off for a day of fun with Daddy.

Courtesy of Billy's iphone, I have some pictures for you. I present to you. . . the Fellowship of the Ring!

(photo by Billy)

The Halloween costumes this year have been an adventure of sorts. It all started last Spring, when Littleman apparently decided that he was going to be Gandalf for Halloween this year. (Have you EVER known a kid to plan that far ahead, and then stick with it?!?)

I vaguely remember a conversation:
Littleman: Mommy, can you make me a costume?
Me: I probably can, as long as it doesn't need much sewing. I've never learned how to use a sewing machine.
Littleman: Do we know someone who uses a sewing machine?
Me: Oh, sure- several people! [Here I name a few folks, including my Grandmother.] Grandmother's really good at it, in fact. She used to make all sorts of clothes and stuff.
Littleman: Hmm. OK.
And thus, I thought, ended that conversation. However Littleman remembered what I'd said until the next visit with Grandmother. Unbeknownst to me, he asked her to make him a Gandalf costume for Halloween. She said she'd try. The first I heard of all this was a couple months ago, when she called me to schedule a time for Littleman to try his costume on.

Upon seeing Littleman's cool costume, The Pirate promptly decided that he would be Legolas. Then just as promptly he changed his mind, deciding he'd rather be Spiderman again like last year.

(photo by Billy)
Over the last few weeks, I've checked with him several times- letting him know that he could choose either costume, but if he wanted to be Legolas then I needed him to let me know ahead of time so I'd be able to make the costume. Long story short, he changed his mind at the last minute and on Thursday morning he just HAD to be Legolas for Halloween. Luckily I'd already researched some possible ways to pull that off (just in case), and made a quick trip to the craft store. Yesterday after Littleman's birthday lunch, I got started. Just a few finishing touches this morning, and I was done!

(Last night as I was working on this, he told me he'd rather be Spiderman after all. I decided to forge ahead, trusting that the finished costume would be cool enough to entice him. Luckily, he decided it is.)

We have a cute dog costume that we've used for the boys when they were very small. However, we weren't sure if that was going to work for Babyman because he wanted nothing to do with the thing. Yesterday Billy and I were wondering what costume we could get Babyman to wear, when the obvious occurred to us: he could be a hobbit! He was already short and had the curly hair. I felt sure I could find a ring on a chain and some hobbit-like clothes for him. After a little digging about this morning, here's what I came up with:

He wasn't too thrilled with the picture-taking, but he seems to like his "costume"!

Hee hee. I admit I'm a little proud of Grandmother and myself. Too bad it's too cold and wet tonight for Babyman to trick-or-treat barefoot! But he still looks hobbit-like enough that I think anyone who's seen the Lord of the Rings films will recognize this miniature version of the Fellowship of the Ring. And these fans (Mommy included) are more than a little thrilled with the result. :)

(photo by Billy)


Grace said...

They look magical! Love it.

Kyddryn said...

Oh, good grief...!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Robin Easton said...

OMG!!! They are just naturals!! Not only in their costumes, but in front of the camera. I love the story about the grandma doing it and you not even knowing. Kids are GREAT. LOL!! He knew what he wanted and how to get it and it is so worth it because his costume looks like something out of the movie. Wow!! And the other two fit right in. Geez girl, your photos are TOTALLY professional. I hope you have a really fun evening tonight. It would be so fun to do with kids. I've sometimes gone with friends and their kids. I love it. Used to be my favorite holiday.

I left a comment to your question about relationships the other day and it was really long but my computer froze up and it wouldn't post. I had to reboot and lost everything. I've been so maxed out lately that I hardly have time for blogging due to work. But I was really touched by the sincerity or you question.


PS I am SO glad you gave me the link to see the kids. They just so so so so magical. I know it must be hard at times being a mom with three little ones but you are truly blessed. I can see the depth and beauty and innocence still in there little faces. That is lost in so many kids, even little ones.

Bird said...

Ok, my head just exploded with the cuteness. No, really! I am now looking for a cloth so that I can wipe splattered brains from my boyfriends lovely shiny new laptop before he sees the mess.

Ahem... now I have that unsavoury confession over, those costumes... seriously, do you think Grandmother would make me a costume for next year - I mean, if you want to help me style it that would be even better! They are just jaw dropping, seriously. Preparations must have been pretty daunting with them changing their minds so often but all the work and effort paid off, those memories and photos will be treasured all their lives. I hope the boys had a WHALE of a time.

Kit said...

@ Grace: Thanks! I think they felt magical, which was perfection.

@ Kyddryn: LOL. I know!

@ Robin: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the compliments. I am especially touched by "I can see the depth and beauty and innocence still in there little faces. That is lost in so many kids, even little ones." You are so right about that. I am humbled to think that I may have had a hand in preserving it for my boys, at least for awhile. Thank you for that comment. :)

@ Bird: Hahahahahahahaha!! Tell your boyfriend I apologize for the mess. And I'll have to ask Grandmother about your costume. ;) Who would you be? If I'd had time, I'd probably have dressed Billy and myself as Aragorn and Arwen. :) The boys did have a blast. :D