Thursday, October 8, 2009

See Rock City

We've recently returned from a quick family getaway- Billy and I took the boys to Chattanooga TN, to see Rock City. (Yes, THAT Rock City, advertised for generations on the roofs of barns everywhere: "See Rock City"!) I got a package deal on our hotel room and family passes to Rock City, Ruby Falls and the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway.

Chattanooga is an easy drive from Atlanta, so we were able to enjoy Ruby Falls after checking in on Thursday afternoon. I've been before, and didn't recall that it was all that special. However I must admit, it's cooler with the kids. :) I'd like to post a video if I can figure out how to get it from Billy's phone to here, so I'll tell more about our Thursday and Friday adventures later.

Saturday we checked out of the hotel and headed for Rock City! The Pirate had been once before with Billy, but it was a first visit for the other boys.

Rock City is an attraction that many people find disappointing- it's fairly expensive, and it's definitely not flashy or exciting. I like it, though. Basically it's a lovely outdoor stroll through a small botanical garden that has lots of wonderful natural rock formations and some gorgeous views. That, plus some good old 40's kitsch and plenty of touristy stuff to buy. ;) It's a lovely outing in beautiful weather.

We definitely had beautiful weather! The boys loved running around and marvelling at the rock formations. The gardens have a "fairytale" theme, and the kids appreciated that too.

There was even a little fall color here and there, which was gorgeous in the early October sunshine.

The waterfall was pretty,

and the view from Lover's Leap was pretty spectacular. Yes, you can see seven states (just like the barn roofs say)!

Near Lover's Leap, there's a pavillion. Now in Rock City they are celebrating "Rocktoberfest", so there was plenty of live German music as backdrop to our wanderings. We stopped in to watch some patrons perform the Chicken Dance. The Pirate thought THAT was weird. Weird enough to hide from.

However he soon recovered.

We really did have a great time, and it was especially fun to see the boys running about and getting so excited! It's a comfortable, beautiful stroll for the grownups and an adventure for the kids.

Soon, we were near "Fairyland Caverns", which is the aforementioned 40s kitsch. I guess they added the black lights in the 60s, when "Mother Goose Village" was built. I admit, they're a little strange. But, hey- the kids liked them, and it gave Billy and me something to joke about. ;)

Before we knew it, we'd whiled away most of the day and it was time to head home. After a quick stop at Starbucks (yup, even at Rock City!) we loaded the kids up and drove off over the mountain.

Bye, Rock City! Until next time!

(note: all photos taken via iPhone)


S said...

Fun! We've been to Ruby Falls with Nick. He really enjoyed it. I want to go back with all three.

Kit said...

You should! It really was a fun trip. Poke around for deals before you go- they're out there, and paying full price for the whole family can get really expensive. It's much more worth it with a bit of a discount. :)

Oh, right now there's a nearby corn maze- you can see it from Lover's Leap- and then they will open a holiday lights exhibit for the winter. Admission to those is extra, of course. :P We didn't do the maze.