Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello, and Kaleidoscope Fun

I'm afraid I've been a bit absent, around here. This is partly due to the sheer amount of BUSY that's been going on, but also partly due to the fact that my camera cable has disappeared. Someone picked it up accidentally, and it's taking awhile to get it back- which is driving me crazy, because I have all these pictures on my camera just waiting to be uploaded and blogged over! ;) I feel silly too, because I told a bunch of people at camp (more on that later!) about my blog, and I've hardly done a thing with it since! If you're new here, HI! (waving) Please stop by again later, follow the blog or subscribe to the RSS feed so you'll know when I get around to posting new content. (Links in the sidebar to the right) -->

Meanwhile I can toss out a really fun link to play with! I first read about it here at A Magical Childhood.

Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Image Online!

See, you can use your own image (or the default floral image provided), set the kaleidoscope parameters, and voila! You might get something like this:

Or these:

(Doesn't that one look like a soft, intricately designed oriental rug?)

Have fun!


Kyddryn said...

You always have the neatest toys on your blog! Like I needed another time waster... :-D

Shade and Sweetwater,

Kit said...

Heh, heh. Thought you might enjoy it! I bet you can come up with some gorgeous keleidoscopes!