Thursday, September 3, 2009

Checking In

Somehow Babyman managed to get into the hall bathroom recently. When I finally realized what was going on, here is what I found:

Busy, busy! (Little stinker.)

I'll spare you the pic of the toilet, with half the toilet paper unrolled into the bowl and stretching off around the floor. Oh, yeah, and a sippy cup tossed in too. I'm just thankful nothing else got dunked- he's already put assorted clothing, toys and a paperback book into the toilet, on previous occasions! (I swear, we really do keep that door shut- but his older brothers can be careless, and they also don't close the toilet lid!)

* * *

That's all I've got for you right now- I've had a whirlwind couple of weeks, and I am still cleaning and doing laundry to recover. . . only to have a birthday party coming up this weekend for the Pirate! I promise I'll be back around soon with some posts for your pleasure! Thanks for your patience. :)


Grace said...

Love it! That grin on his face.

Kit said...

He is such a little imp!!

RachelW said...

Haha! What great pictures! Your boy looks so much like my monkey when he was wee... he's 11 now, his curls have thickened, and he doesn't fit in the sink anymore.

Kit said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping in. :D Aw, I can hardly imagine Babyman at 11. The little bitty boys are a handful, but I'll sure miss these days when they can fit in the sink! Though every age has it's blessings as well.