Saturday, September 26, 2009

Billy takes the Vistoso Bosses Camping!

Some of you may remember the video I posted recently by the Vistoso Bosses. (If not, check it out!) Billy has been working in the studio with the girls, and we LOVE them.

Not long ago they started asking Billy to take them camping. Billy didn't think they were serious, because they'd had NO experience hiking or camping ever, and in fact were pretty scared of all things wilderness. However they kept bugging him, so finally he consented. Later he jokingly told their manager about the upcoming trip, and the manager thought the idea had big potential- he decided to ask the record label if they wanted to send a film crew and turn the whole event into a youtube video.

Long story short, they did. So suddenly Billy and I were charged with putting the trip together for everyone, sending out instructions and packing lists, borrowing as much gear as possible, and helping the girls buy whatever they needed that we couldn't loan them. It was a lot of work but finally everyone was packed up and driving out to Sam Knob, NC.

The cast:
- Billy Hume (my sweetie, producer for the Vistoso Bosses & fearless leader)
- Littleman & The Pirate (2 very young seasoned veterans)
- my brother (designated sherpa, fire-tender and babysitter)
- The Vistoso Bosses (the stars)
- Marv & Cash (writers who work with Billy and sometimes the Vistoso Bosses) <-- note: Cash had been on only one camping trip ever, a few weeks earlier with Billy and our boys. Marv was a complete wilderness newbie.
- 4-man film crew (or rather, a 3-man + 1 lovely lady film crew)

Here's the video result! It comes in two parts. Enjoy!

Part one:

Part two:

Feel free to go to youtube and comment, and pass these on to anyone you think might like them! :)

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