Friday, March 27, 2009

Littleman and the Skull Riders

Littleman: "Tomorrow we might go to the studio. We might go to the studio to record!"

Me: "Oh yeah? That's cool. What are you going to record?"

Littleman: "I'll sing you what I'm going to record." (he sings an unidentifiable melody of sorts) "Do you like it?"

Me: "Yes, I think it's a great start!"

Littleman: "Hmm. No, never mind. I'm going to play drums!"

Me: "Well you know, you could play drums and sing, if you want to."

Littleman: "Really?!? How?"

Me: Well, you could either sing and play drums at the same time, or you could play drums first while Daddy records you, and then Daddy will play your drums in your headphones for you while you sing. Daddy can then put it all together so it sounds like you are playing drums and singing at the same time."

Littleman: "Wow! OK. And I want someone to play guitar."

Me: "Maybe Daddy will play guitar for you."

Littleman: "No, I'm going to have a band! A kid band!"

Me: "So it has to be a kid playing guitar?"

Littleman: "Yeah."

Me: "Do you know any kids that play guitar?"

Littleman: "Bella plays guitar!"

Me: (laughing- Bella is Littleman's age) "Bella plays guitar? OK. So you want her to be in your band, then?"

Littleman: "Yeah. I'll have just ONE grown-up in my band."

Me: "Oh, really? Who?"

Littleman: "You, Mommy!"

Me: "Me!?? What will I do in your band?"

Littleman: "You will sing!"

Me: "Oh, well I appreciate your vote of confidence sweetie, but I'm not exactly the world's best singer."
(Note: I'm terrible, actually)

Littleman: "Oh, that's OK- Daddy will fix it for you!"

Me: (laughing) "Oh, I see."

Littleman: "I'll have a kid band, and our band name will be 'Skull Riders'."

Me: "Skull Riders?" (chuckles) "That's a good band name."

Littleman: "Maybe you should write this down for me, Mommy."

Me: "Hmm- now that is an excellent idea."


Unknown said...

Man... guess we're working tomorrow.

Michelle Malone said...

I like that name! you think i could borrow it until he needs it? ;-)

James Hall said...

So good to hear the wisdom of a child written in his own words. Laurel did that for my son a few times between 2 and 5yo, and I haven't forgotten what it showed me!

Kyddryn said...

Snort - too funny...and awesome!

Ask me anout The Iron Vulva some day, and our hit song "Roast Beef Curtains". Seriously.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Kit said...

@ Billy: Of course! :)

@ Michelle: Thanks for stopping by! I know you're busy. How are you? And it IS a good name, isn't it? LOL! I don't know, but I bet Littleman wouldn't mind sharing.

@ James: Hey! How are you doing? Thanks for reading. Yes, I am really glad that blogging has reminded me to write so many memories down, often straight from their mouths to my computer keyboard! These will be precious memories someday.

@ Kyddryn: "Roast Beef Curtains" by Iron Vulva? Eeeeeeeew. Must hear.