Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back, and a moment

Yes I am quite better thank you, and (knock on wood!) everyone else is well, too. Thank goodness. I am catching up and getting into the swing of things again, and it's taking quite a lot of time. I've fallen out of practice with my blogging! So, I finally decided to simply sit down and type up whatever came to mind (which hasn't been much, lately) and throw it out there. At least it gets me started again, eh? :)

* * *

Breeze through through the open car windows. Jesse Harper's CD quietly playing, subtle snores from Babyman in the back seat. The clatter of a shopping cart through the parking lot and happy chatter from children walking with their mother. Windchimes from the sidewalk outside the grocery store. The breeze smells fresh and clean- no particular scents to speak of, just the smell of promise. Lounging in the car's front seat, I am surprisingly comfortable. The sun is just warm enough to be delicious. I check on Babyman, still fast asleep. It's OK- I have time. Time to relish having time. Time for a stretch in the sun. Time to smell the breeze, and listen to music. Time to read a novel for fun. I turn the page, and settle in more comfortably. When he wakes, we'll do our shopping. For now, I'm taking this time for myself.

* * *

And, just for fun:

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