Saturday, June 16, 2007

Littleman's good morning, an idea, and ramblings

Friday, June 15, 2007

Littleman's good morning, an idea, and ramblings
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Mmmmm. Fresh peach. Juicy.

Littleman had one of his vomiting episodes yesterday. Odd. We have quite the system down pat by now, and the poor kid has really learned the drill. The good news is that by dinnertime, he was just about back to normal- and this morning, he was feeling great.

So great, as a matter of fact, that he woke up before anyone else, took off his diaper and put it away, and commenced to cleaning his room. (!) He tidied it all up, and then started on the nursery (Sweetcheeks' room). He talked to Sweetcheeks and they stayed in there quite happily for a good while before Billy and I had to get up. THEN, while Billy was getting ready Littleman looked around our room and stated, "This is a mess in here!" (He's quite right). So he picked up some clothes and reorganized my shoes. So what if his "cleaning" in my room probably just made it a bit less organized than it had been? He was genuinely trying. Of course, we thanked him and made sure to let him know what a good help he was this morning. I mean, WOW. I wasn't sure what to think.

He completed his "wow" morning by choosing to practice handwriting (on a tablet for such purpose, that he can trace the letters and numbers) and by cleaning the glass of the storm door. (what he could reach, anyway). I am sorry to say, the day went downhill from there- but with such an unusually great start, over all we had a very good day indeed. Both boys were good while we ran errands and they did a beautiful job making Father's Day cards.

I think I am going to make an illustrated poster that shows jobs Littleman can do around the house. Things like feeding the dogs, cleaning the glass doors, watering his plant, dusting and sweeping the downstairs (he has his own small broom), and putting away toys and books. If I remember to get our camera fixed soon (oh yeah, need to do that) I can take digital pics of Simon doing each job, then print the pics from my computer to attach to the poster. I'll write each job by it's picture, and put the poster where Littleman can see it each morning at breakfast. Perhaps it will remind him of constructive things he can do to be a helpful part of the family. I don't think I'll do the traditional thing of awarding stickers when he does a job- I'll see if he's interested in doing them just to be helpful. At this age, I think he really might. I'd prefer him being self-motivated in that way, rather than have him working for external "rewards". We'll see how that flies.

Hmm, come to think of it I might make a smaller poster that shows Sweetcheeks picking up toys, and dusting or some such. Nothing like copycat activity and a little sibling rivalry to make something look even more fun. ;) Plus, there's no harm in starting good habits early, right?

Good grief. 45 views of my blog in the past week, with only one new post from me? Y'all make me feel so loved!! :)

Went to the kids consignment store today. Struck out on good-fitting shoes (as always) but scored two pairs of shorts and several darling shirts for the boys, all in perfect condition, most of it name brand. Grand total? Less than $25! I love consignment shops.

The pregnancy is progressing nicely so far. I have had at least one contraction already, but it was isolated. I think that's within the realm of normal, though for me it's bad news. Luckily I haven't felt any further activity. I HAVE felt baby moving, though. Too cool. I am trying very hard to stay well-hydrated, and have done pretty well with that so far. (It helps prevent contractions and is all-around good for Mom and baby). I am feeling pretty good actually, though my hips and legs are already aching (especially first thing in the morning). I am really looking forward to July 3rd, when we have the ultrasound appointment and hope to learn the baby's sex. Think pink for us! (LOL). Anyhow that's all going well.

Well I think I have rambled enough. . . I need to go to bed! 'Night!

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