Wednesday, June 27, 2007

6 'directionally challenged' lessons learned:

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

6 'directionally challenged' lessons learned:
Current mood: frustrated

I just spent almost 2 hours driving nowhere. My own fault. Oh, well.
I was heading out (already late) to hang out with a friend in Braselton. When I got to the highway, I could see cars backing off the ramp to get away- traffic on 85 was at a dead standstill. I didn't know where the problem was, but I decided to go around it.

* Lesson number 1: Do not leave the house without the phone number of the person you are going to visit. (I don't know how I managed that one).

* Lesson number 2: Keep your trusty map handy (visible, and in reach) at all times.

* Lesson number 3: If you cannot reach anyone on the phone who can help, and you don't know where your map is, pull over. Find the map or get directions.

I did not do any of the above- I decided to fudge it. I can find my way around up here pretty well, so that might even have worked OK. However.

* Lesson number 4: Read road signs very carefully.

* Lesson number 5: If you have a nagging feeling that something isn't quite right, pull over and check out your hunch. (Again, look at a map or get directions).

I drove way too far, on the wrong road. I did finally pull over and unearth my map.

* Lesson number 6: If you decide to take an alternate, unfamiliar route, check and recheck your progress at "major" intersections.

I passed my destination again, and finally ended up at the correct exit on 85. At 9 pm. Disgruntled, with a restless Sweetcheeks in the backseat (luckily Littleman was off with Billy), I decided to give it up and go home. We pulled into our driveway nearly 2 hours after we'd left.


Oh well! Time to get Sweetcheeks to bed.

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