Thursday, May 3, 2007

toddler humor

Thursday, May 03, 2007

toddler humor
Current mood: sleepy

I am so tired of the word "poopy", I could scream. "Pee pee" and various incarnations of "in your eye" come in as close second and third in the irritant arena right now. (As in, "pee pee in your eye" followed by delighted snickering, and "poopy in your eye" etc.) WHY does this CONTINUE to amuse him?? I have banned such talk from the dining table, and if I'm really sick of it elsewhere I will calmly tell him I don't think it's funny, and I'm tired of it and I'd like him to think of something else to talk about. Most of the time however, I just flat out ignore him. Yet, it has persisited for months now, and Sweetcheeks has started copying Littleman now. They feed off each other.Driving in the car:
Littleman- "Say poopy".
Sweetcheeks- "Poopy".
~out of control giggling~
"Say poopy".
~more laughter~
"Say poopy". . .

Ad infinitum.
Not to mention the scenarios and creative little stories that Littleman comes up with, all leading to the point of "Poopy in his eye! Hahahahahaha!!!" or something painfully similar. Sigh.

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