Sunday, April 22, 2007

First dentist visit, Chick Fil'A and lsot brain cells

Saturday, April 21, 2007

First dentist visit, Chick Fil'A and lsot brain cells
Current mood: pleased

Well well well, Littleman had his first visit to the dentist today, and he did great! Of course, it's very helpful that the person poking around in his mouth just happens to be his "Grandmuvver". (Actually his great grandmother, who still keeps her job as a dental hygenist part time). Helpful because it's much less intimidating for him, and helpful because it doesn't cost me a cent! (Hooray for relatives with useful professions!) My grandmother has put her degree to very good use, both as her profession and to make sure that all her grandkids and great-grandkids get exemplary dental care. It will be a sad day for me when she finally retires. ;) But in the meantime she is able to start Littleman off on the right foot when it comes to visiting the dentist.

I am still very, very tired, but the past couple days have shown improvement (knock on wood) with the nausea. I hope this is a trend.

Yesterday I took the boys to Chick Fil'A for lunch and fun on the little playground there. LOL, what a treat! It's very, very seldom I get them fast food of any kind, and usually when we do we are on the move and don't have time for the playground. They were so excited. I have to say that at least the choices in fast food restaurants have improved drastically since I was a kid. The fruit cup is great, and sometimes they'd rather eat the chicken soup or the chicken salad sandwitch rather than nuggets. I never buy them fries, and the lemonade is real. (Not some kool-aid sort of concoction like that Minute Maid stuff every place sells). So, even if it's still fast food it's certainly not as bad as it could be, and I don't mind letting the kids have it once in awhile. And now that I am pregnant, well I just need a milkshake for myself! Yum. :) (Hey, my nurse said it's a good source of calcium and vitamin D, and that a bit of fat here and there is good for my developing baby. So bring on the ice cream! LOL.)

You know, as I go through my day I'll often think of something I'd like to write about. I file it in my brain to pull out later when I have time at the computer. Then I either don't find time, or else I can't find my mental file when I need it. I think I will have to start using notebooks again. Here we go- from the time a woman's body starts building the placenta, brain cells start to rapidly disappear. Once she births the placenta the brain cells are gone forever. With luck, time and good neurons the brain can forge new electric pathways to make up for the lost mental capacity, and some semblance of mental acuity can be regained. However some types of memory loss seem to be unfortunately permanent. Anyhow that's my theory. What do you think- is it plausible?

Time for bed. I'm at my Grandmother's, and depending on how early the boys wake we may try to do Church tomorrow morning. Grandmother would love to show us off. :)

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