Friday, December 9, 2005

Emotional Alchemy: turning stress to sweetness

Friday, December 09, 2005

Emotional Alchemy: turning stress to sweetness
Current mood: grateful

I just want to say that sometimes, the most dreaded situations turn into the best memories. For instance there was tonight, when I'm getting littleman ready for bed. Usually it happens to work out that Griff is sleeping during the time that I am giving Simon a bath, getting him ready for bed and rocking him in the rocking chair before I lay him down. (The whole process takes 1/2 to 1 hour or so). But tonight for some unknown reason Griff was very much NOT asleep. He fussed off and on while I gave Simon a quick bath, but after that it was all-out scream-fest. I tried to make him comfortable and happy on the bed with Simon and I while I put on Simon's diaper and pajamas, but no dice- he wanted to be held just so, and walked around. Simon started acting up, too- he was tired and usually this is HIS time, so he was probably a little resentful too, plus he seems to feel a bit anxious when his baby brother is crying. This sort of situation is very stressful- there is only so much of me to go around!! My brief description most certainly does not paint a true picture of the chaos involved.

I rushed through getting Simon dressed for bed, but I didn't want to completely cheat Simon of his bedtime routine. So, I hauled both crying boys onto my lap in the rocking chair to see if I could calm them down. Simon at least stopped crying, but Griff was very upset. I tried different things without success, and then decided to sing some Christmas carols for them. We rocked gently and I sang softly, and gradually Griff calmed down. (What really finally did it was "Deck The Halls" and "Oh Christmas Tree"- Griff likes those). Both boys relaxed against me as I held them tight, rocked and sang. Griff's breathing calmed down, Simon's head was drooping and gradually Griff closed his eyes. By the time Griff was asleep, I'd decided that this was one of the all-time sweetest moments I've ever experienced.

Funny how such a stressful situation can turn into such a joy. My sweet, sweet angels.

~sigh~ OK, now I have to do more laundry and wash the dishes!!

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