Thursday, December 1, 2005

Just a quick check-in

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Just a quick check-in
Current mood: busy

Whew! Geez, have I been busy- I'm finally getting a couple minutes to sit down and type a bit.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving- it's one of my favorite holidays, because for the most part it is still meaningful and has not been buried in distractions and commercialization over the years. Sure, the grocery stores rake it in but mainly it is a time to visit with family and be grateful for the blessings we have. This year we travelled to Charleston to be with Billy's family, who all travelled to Charleston to be with Billy's sister and brother-in-law who live there. We had a lovely time, enjoying the city and each other. Billy and Simon rode a bike all over that city, and I managed to leave personal belongings in several restaurants over the course of a couple days. Luckily, I managed to retrieve everything before we left. It's those lost brain cells- I think pregnancy sucks them out of you. Or have I already said that??

It's a shame I have been too busy to blog, because I've had several thoughts that I would like to expand on in writing. And right now, my brain is swimming with all the chores that need doing (etc) and I can't seem to remember or focus on any of them. Ah, well- at least I got to sit down and put my feet up for a minute. I'll see if I can blog tonight.

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