Tuesday, December 27, 2005

On parents and discipline. . .

Monday, December 26, 2005

On parents and discipline. . .
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Well I hope everyone had a lovely Solstice/Yule/Christmas/[insert preferred holiday here]! (lol) We had a very nice holiday. Littleman opened lots of gifts (meaning his own, and everyone else's as well) and is just starting to understand the whole Santa thing. I think.

Unrelated, but I've been wondering to myself: As a parent, when does one stop trying to discipline one's children? When they come of age? (18 I guess?) When they move out? When they have kids of their own? When you as a parent decide they are "mature"? Never? Or does the answer to the question depend on the nature of the wrongdoing? And if you want to discipline an adult child, how would you go about it? Is it worth wasting an ounce of energy on? (ie; do adult children ever respond positively to punitive parental actions?) Hmm. Just something I have been pondering.

Aha- well on that note, I will sign off for now because my little men just got home from hiking today. :) Perhaps I'll write again later!

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