Friday, March 10, 2006

a few (really) random thoughts

Thursday, March 09, 2006

a few (really) random thoughts
Current mood: silly

I was thinking yesterday about the difference between knowledge and ideas. Each needs the other to come to fruition. You may be very knowledgeable, but without good ideas you can't use that knowledge to move ahead. You might have fantastic ideas, but without the knowledge you need to make use of them, they cannot begin to bloom. So if you have one, pursue the other!

I've also been thinking about homeopathic medicine. I want to learn more about it. When you hit on the right remedy, it can be amazingly effective. It works on the principle of "like treats like"- so, to treat a cold that has a symptom of burning, watery eyes you might use a homeopathic dilution of red onion. Red onions cause burning, watery eyes- but as a homeopathic remedy, they make your eyes feel better. I don't really understand it. I have a wonderful book called "Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child" which describes many common childhood ailments, and then lists several treatments: conventional (like what your pediatrician might recommend), herbal, homepathic, acupressure, dietary. . . and finishes up with general recommendations that combine the best of all approaches. I have made use of some of the homeopathic recommendations, with some success. It is a difficult practice to learn, because it is extremely individual- the right remedy for one person might not work for someone else, even if she has the exact same virus (for instance). It all depends on the individual's symptoms and temperament. It can take a bit of trial and error. Maybe I can take a course in it someday.

I like listening to rain.

I don't particularly like having to walk the dog in it. :P

I wonder how Ms Rowling is doing on the final Harry Potter book? I'm dying to read it, though at the same time it will be sad to be done. I guess there's always the movies. Hmm, I wonder how they are coming along? And I wonder what prompted this chain of thought??

I noticed today that my blog now has 200 views. Hey, I guess someone out there (besides G of course! :) ) is actually reading this! Too bad I don't have anything great to say tonight. I'm pretty beat. Littleman has been bringing home every damn bug that comes down the pike, and my immune system is in overdrive I think. Plus I am relatively sleepless, of course, since Griff has been eating like a horse round the clock. Eew, too many bland cliches in there. To make a long story short (ha, another one!) I am a little loopy.

Hi ho, hi ho, on that note I'll sign off for the evening. Maybe after I pay a few bills I can go to sleep!

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