Friday, March 3, 2006

Fantasia, clean diapers and following directions

Friday, March 03, 2006

Fantasia, clean diapers and following directions
Current mood: sick

I'm sick again. Knock on wood, but the boys all seem OK- it's just me now. So that's the silver lining.

Tonight I was changing Griff's diaper, and realized I was all out of clean diapers within arm's reach there (we use cloth diapers). So, I tried to get Littleman to grab a diaper out of the nursery and bring it to me. He is getting better at following directions, but it's still a bit iffy as to whether he will really get the picture. Well, it took a few tries, but he finally walked in and handed me a couple disposable diapers. Aww! What a good helper. I'd have used them, but Griff has a bad rash right now and the cloth is better for his bum. So I tried again, specifying that the CLOTH diapers are on the chair that the cat usually likes to sleep in. (Because I knew he would be able to identify the chair with that description). But then he just started looking for the cat, and letting me know he couldn't find her. Oh, well.

I put Griff down and went and to get some clean diapers myself. I thanked Littleman for being such a good helper, but he looked a little crestfallen when he saw me getting the diapers. Next thing I know, I am finishing changing Griff and in walks Littleman with a few cloth diapers for me! What a sweetie.

Then he arrives at my side with a few more. . . then a few more. . . and some more. . . next thing I know, I'm feeling like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia, when he has put a spell on the broom to make it do chores, but when the chore is done Mickey can't get the broom to stop! Luckily though Littleman either lost interest or ran out of diapers. :) Still, it made me smile.

Which is a good thing, because my throat feels like fire, I ache all over, I'm sooooo tired and my whole head feels achy and swollen. Delightful. I just REALLY hope the boys don't get it. There. Now I've had my whining for the day! Good night! :)

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