Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Simple Solution

It is easy to forget the simplest and best solutions, sometimes.

I realized this yesterday, while caring for Babyman. He'd been fussy all morning, not at all interested in letting me set him down and get any housework or office work done. He was discontent and demanding, and it was putting me on edge. I tried so many things to engage his attention away from me. I'd been nursing AGAIN, which probably helped me because of all the relaxing, feel-good hormones it releases into my blood stream. So I was supporting Babyman as he sat on my lap, rubbing his back and patting it softly. He was content for the moment, simply looking around the room. I was tired (as always) and relaxed, and started to lose myself in quiet, loving contemplation of my baby. I stroked his hair, and pressed my cheek to his, and admired his fat, fat little dimpled knees. He burped, as I'd expected him to, and smiled. Right about then is when I'd normally move on to something else, probably changing his diaper and trying to set him down somewhere so I could do laundry or whatever else. But right then, I was too tired and content to go anywhere. So I simply continued holding and loving Babyman, stroking his back gently.

Then, he belched. I mean, REALLY belched- the sort of primal release that still startles me to hear out of so small a person, even though he is my third child and I should be used to them by now. It was followed by a dainty burp, and Babyman laughed. Not to go all sappy on you, but it was ridiculously darling! (I know, I know, only a mother. . .) We enjoyed each other's company a little while longer, before I got up and put him on the nursery floor to play. He was happy there while I folded some laundry. Whether he'd been uncomfortable and fussy because he needed to burp, or simply been in need of a little undivided mommy attention, all I had to do was slow down, quit trying to do several things at once, and just BE with my baby. Such a simple solution, and yet so easy to forget.

Baby Time. Remember that it moves at a much more sedate pace than we do. To understand and connect with your baby, you have to slow down and focus on the present. It's a very Eastern mode of handling the situation, I think- and it really, really helps.

* * *

Today's thumbs-up goes to this site's ideas to help one be more present, or "in the moment":


S said...

So true. Thanks for the reminder :)

Kit said...

I'm glad it was useful- now if only I can remember to do it regularly! :)